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'Casa Bagoga'

un uomo che ha   "CAVALCATO LA VITA"




Pierino Fagnani only ran in one Palio, but was lucky for a different reason from the one he had in mind when he had originally come to Siena from Montalcino as a young boy. Still, something from the Palio would bring him good luck afterwards: his nickname Bagoga. There is no Sienese citizen or foodie who does not associate Bagoga with great cuisine and excellent wines from the ancient Tuscan tradition.

When young Pierino realized that he would never get by as a jockey, he began to nurture his passion for cooking, gaining expertise by observing others while working in the humblest Sienese restaurants. Day by day, the penniless boy who had moved to town years before filled with hope and dreams was able to build a unique place, the Grotta di Santa Caterina (Saint Catherine’s grotto), best known as “Bagoga’s”.

Today, almost fifty years later, the “Grotta” is still a landmark for those who are looking for traditional taste (with only occasional reinterpretations) and high-quality, almost unique ingredients from the Terre di Siena. Once in the Grotta, you will immediately feel at home. You will be met by no formality, no luxurious settings. Only the attentions and care of our chef Bagoga will be awaiting you.




Bagoga has never forgotten his origins in Montalcino. In a unique territory, right in the middle of a natural amphitheater, facing Mount Amiata, where his wines are produced. His long and invaluable experience, combined with an ideal setting and the use of established and innovative techniques, leads to unique wines, with a great personality – like Bagoga himself.

The meticulous care for the vineyards and the environment alike, along with a careful selection of grapes, give us a traditional-tasting Brunello di Montalcino and a 100% Merlot grapes IGT Anna, the perfect combination of tradition and innovation.


That’s the story of the young boy who took on and rode life’s challenges – exactly as it had happened that one time during the Palio.


As much today as in the past, Pierino Fagnani aka Bagogaand his family manage the business with the help of some close collaborators, making a good and motivated team.